Tempore rendered in Hero Machine 3

Publication information
Publisher Karabear Comics
First appearance Karabear Comics Unlimited #1 (January 2012)
Created by Ave Messer
In-story information
Universe no specific universe
Alter ego none
Abilities Temporal awareness

Cosmic energy mannipulation

Tempore is the guardian of order for the primary Karabear Comics multiverse. The character was created by Ave Messer and debuted in Karabear Comics Unlimited #1.

Character biography[edit | edit source]

Tempore is the guardian of order for the primary Karabear Comics multiverse. It has not been revealed what his origin is beyond this, or whether he even knows. He is very sure of his role in the multiverse and pursues a balance of order with a passion. He does know of conflicting theories of the creation of the omniverse, relating to the mixing of order and chaos, preferring the one that describes chaos as a disease.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Tempore has a cosmic awareness, knowing intrinsically what is happenning and should happen in every universe under his charge, as well as an amount of neighboring universes. He also can mannipulate a yellow-colored cosmic energy, which allows him to fire energy blasts, create constructs, view happennings in other universes and multiverses, create portals to other locations, and teleport. As well, he has the ability of flight and can convey to a recipient exactly what he wants to, without need for standard "speech".

Enemies and allies[edit | edit source]

Tempore is generally alone in his endeavors, due to the nature of his role, but he has several allies in other multiverses' order guardians. He is opposed by the agents of chaos, either in his own multiverse or in others.

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