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Publication information
Publisher Karabear Comics
First appearance Karabear Comics Unlimited #1 (January 2012)
Created by Ave Messer
In-story information
Universe no specific universe
Alter ego none
Abilities Cosmic energy mannipulation

Qlrn is a chaos agent in the primary Karabear Comics multiverse. The character was created by Ave Messer and debuted in Karabear Comics Unlimited #1.

Character biography[edit | edit source]

Qlrn appeared in Karabear Comics Unlimited #1 as a being whose name Tempore already knew. The character was shown with the ability to fly, create constructs, throw planets, and break the bounds of reality by protruding outside of the panel borders. Qlrn fought Tempore and was destroyed, making only one appearance in a Karabear Comic at this date.

Qlrn's mode of speech tended to gear towards gibberish. The character spoke real languages twice in its first appearance, the rest of the time falling to incoherent symbols.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Qlrn could mannipulate a muted yellow-colored cosmic energy, making it able to create energy blasts and constructs, fly, survive the vacuum of space, and throw planets. The character could also bend the laws of reality and break free of panel borders, though this may have been another aspect of cosmic energy mannipulation.

Enemies and allies[edit | edit source]

Qlrn was not shown to have any allies, though one could assume the creature could call on the aid of other chaos agents if need be. It was opposed by Tempore, though it may have had other enemies, as well.

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