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Publication information
Publisher Karabear Comics
First appearance Karabear Comics Unlimited #1 (January 2012)
Created by Ave Messer
In-story information
Universe no specific universe
Alter ego none
Abilities unknown

Mosieu is the guardian of order for a dying multiverse. The character was created by Ave Messer and debuted in Karabear Comics Unlimited #1.

Character biography[edit | edit source]

All that is known about Mosieu is that it is the guardian of order of a dying multiverse, and that it is non-humanoid. The character has so far only been seen in one panel in Karabear Comics Unlimited #1.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

None are known, though it can be assumed the character has some form of cosmic energy mannipulation, like other order guardians.

Enemies and allies[edit | edit source]

Mosieu is generally alone in its endeavors, due to the nature of its role, but it has several allies in other multiverses' order guardians. It is opposed by the agents of chaos, either in its own multiverse or in others.

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