There are numerous designations for alternate realities in Karabear Comics and these are listed below.

Name First Appearance Notes
AmC Earth-9602 Marvel vs. DC #3 (Marvel Comics, 1995) The Amalgam Universe, where Marvel and DC characters are combined to form their own continuity. Designated "9602" due to that being Marvel's designate for the universe.
DCNF Earth-0 Flashpoint #5 (DC Comics, 2011) The primary reality of DC Comics following "Flashpoint". DCNF stands for "DC New 52", as the reboot has been called "The New 52".
KC Earth-1 Karabear Comics Unlimited #2 The primary reality for Karabear Comics.
KC Earth-7 Karabear Comics Unlimited #2 The home reality of Eiderdown
KC Earth-C Comfortably Numb The universe designate for Comfortably Numb, a humor webcomic done by Ave. Though likely finished, she still wants to give it a designation--if nothing else than to have something to go back to later.
KC Earth-P Gold Comics #1 (2011) The Karabear Comics reality for public domain superheroes.
MC Earth-616 Motion Picture Funnies Weekly #1 (Timely Comics, 1939) The primary reality of Marvel Comics.
PC Earth-1 Pride High #1 (Pride Comics, 2006) The designate for the primary reality of Pride Comics, where the comic Pride High takes place.
SHUC Earth-1 Time Rider #1 The primary universe for Superhero Universe Comics, the home of Time Rider, Deadlaw, Flying Squirrel, and the like.
WC Hercules Dasien #1 Also known as the HUniverse, this reality was designated "Hercules" in The Crossoverlord. Though I may be wrong, I assume, it started in the webcomic Dasien. This is a webcomic, primarily The Duck, universe, containing Heroes Unite and Heroes Alliance, as well as other comics which tie in.
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