Astronomy Domine
Publication information
Publication date January 20, 2012
Creator(s) Ave Messer (writer, artist)
Pages 14
Universe(s) KC Earth-28

KC Earth-720
KC Earth-1274
KC Earth-51700

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Karabear Comics Unlimited #1 is the first issue of the series Karabear Comics Unlimited and ran in web form before print. It features Tempore. The issue's official "release date" is January 20, 2012, as this is the date in which the final story page was posted to the webcomic site.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The comic opens with an idea of the beginning of the universe: where order and chaos once were completely separate from each other before they tried to experiment and blend into each other, creating life. Tempore is revealed as the narrator and posits an alternative theory: that chaos is a disease that infected order, ultimately sending the universe to the brink of total destruction with such ideas as life and uncertainty. He reveals to the reader that he is an agent of order. He then introduces the concept of the multiverse and images are shown of KC Earth-28, KC Earth-720, KC Earth-1274, and KC Earth-51700. Then is shown various guardians of order: Sticks, Mosieu, Tempore, Jack Shade, Shal'tatal, and Tielta, with Tempore explaining that each one is in charge with their own multiverse.

The comic then shows Qlrn walking along a planet's surface. The character grabs some dirt and makes a floating shape/object with it, then walks forward, ripping the panel border and the picture to show the white of the page behind. Following this, Qlrn grabs ahold of the planet and flings it away. All this time, Tempore is narrating about the nature of chaos agents, in a succinct manner. Tempore then faces off against Qlrn, trying to blast him but Qlrn reflects the blast. The two then duel with energy swords and Qlrn gets in a shot after flustering Tempore into leaving himself open. Tempore then takes an opening to blast Qlrn twice, disintegrating him.

Tempore then notices a disturbance in another multiverse and investigates. He sees Time and Laser fighting some Zx*@!!s and mentions how Time and Laser may be an order guardian, but has yet to follow that path, though at that moment Time had interests that coincided with the goals of order. Tempore says he would like to help but is required to be invited by another order guardian before entering another multiverse. Time and Laser then asks for Tempore's help and he steps through the portal he was using to view the fight.

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