Gold Comics

Cover to Gold Comics #1

Publication information
Schedule Periodically (no set schedule)
Format Ongoing series
Genre Superhero, Anthology
Publication date 2011-present
Number of issues 1 (as of December 2011)
Main character(s) Madame Fatal
Universe(s) KC Earth-P

Gold Comics is an anthology comic book series telling new stories with public domain superheroes while reprinting some of their old adventures, as well. It primarily focuses on Madame Fatal and is the first title to have a print edition for Karabear Comics.

Publication information[edit | edit source]

Public domain[edit | edit source]

In the early days of copyright law, one had to file for a renewal to keep copyright. Therefore, many characters created in the Golden Age of Comics ceased being copyrighted as their publishers went out of business and therefore did not maintain their copyright renewals. These uncopyrighted works are what is called the "public domain", free to use by anybody.

Lite bites[edit | edit source]

In 2010, Genejoke started the webcomic Lite bites, an anthology comic with contributions from across the website Drunk Duck. Ave Messer submitted a story called "Madame's Night Out" to the anthology and Genejoke decided to do the art. It ran as a short story on the comic, where it may still be accessed.

IndyPlanet[edit | edit source]

Ave decided to publish the story and, working with input from Genejoke, put together issue 1 of what she called "Gold Comics", to convey the Golden Age feel and to let people know that the characters were from the Golden Age. This was put up on IndyPlanet, a print-on-demand website for comic books.

Future endeavors[edit | edit source]

A successor story to "Madame's Night Out" is fishing for artists on Lite bites, which will be made into part of issue 2. It has no set date of completion.

Story[edit | edit source]

Gold Comics takes place on KC Earth-P, the Karabear Comics designate for a universe where all public domain superheroes live together. It follows Madame Fatal as the character interacts with the various superheroes and supervillains of the world.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gold Comics has had appearances by the following characters:

Creators[edit | edit source]

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