Eiderdown's original reference picture

Publication information
Publisher Karabear Comics
First appearance Karabear Comics Unlimited #3 (March 2012)
Created by Ave Messer
In-story information
Universe KC Earth-7
Alter ego Julie Ramos
Abilities Feather mannipulation and generation

Can turn her body into feathers

Eiderdown is a superhero in Karabear Comics' Earth-7. She was created by Ave Messer and debuted in Karabear Comics Unlimited #3.

Character biography[edit | edit source]

Dana and Mario Ramos had a child whom they named Kao. When the child was still in the stroller, a Zx*@!! came crashed into the Earth during a battle with Tempore and Time and Laser, becoming the catalyst for the child reveiving powers--since Kao had direct contact with the chaos agent and was playing with feathers at the time (from a hole in an old worn stuffed bear), the child acquired feather based powers.

As a young child, Kao started to discover the feather powers and for a time imagined herself as a superhero called Pillow Princess, before finding out what that term meant.

At the age of 17, fresh out of high school, Kao came out as transgender, transitioning to female and using the name Julie. She also began to secretly piece together a superhero costume, having an itch to put her powers to use. After graduating from college, she moved into a small art studio in the back yard of a family friend and began to look for employment, which she found difficult in part due to employers' policies about men with long hair (as she did not want to hurt her chances by applying as female).

After one unsuccessful interview, she mustered up the courage to actually put on her Eiderdown outfit and make her debut to the world.

She later found the interdimensional Club 501 and became friends with Fractal, and also had a sexual encounter with Red Mind and Jenny Everywhere.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Eiderdown has the ability to generate feathers from the air, as well as mannipulate the ones around her. She also can turn her entire body into feathers, usually as a defense mechanism and during times of great duress.

Enemies and allies[edit | edit source]

Eiderdown's adventures are still new, but she has developed a friendship with Fractal and a sexual relationship with Red Mind and Jenny Everywhere. Regular enemies have yet to be revealed.

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