Shastab24 Shastab24 16 December 2011

Why did I go with superheroes?

Plenty of people disparage the superhero genre, and some companies (I think I'm explicity thinking of Radical Comics) actually go so far as to boast that they don't publish superhero comics. What I wonder is why there is so much hate.

Superheroes are an exploration into science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime stories, mythology, and more all in one package. They hearken back to the old pulp tales while bringing things into a broader context with interpersonal characterization and resonating themes. They (if good) inspire us to do better with our lives or otherwise help us escape from the broader world for a while.

Yes, some are vigilantes in all but name, enforcing their values on the populace, but not all of them. Superman is a protecto…

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