Alternate realities have been a staple of fiction for years. They most often appear in science fiction and the superhero genre has been intertwined with them for some time.

Nature[edit | edit source]

An alternate reality is generally thought of as a divergance. Any time one thing happens, there is a split where every possible outcome is made. As such, there would be a seemingly infinite number of alternate universes, with every possibility, conceivable or not.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Just as all matter in the universe starts at the quark, expanding out through subatomic particles, atoms, cells, etc. and into planets and, ultimately, the universe, so the expansion continues. A collection of universes in general proximity, or tied to each other seemingly intrinsically, is called a multiverse. Similar correlation between multiverses is a megaverse. The omniverse, meanwhile, is what encompasses all realities, all megaverses, ever. It is within the name, as omni means all.

Nomenclature[edit | edit source]

The big two comic companies are fond of naming their universes "Earth-whatever number". Karabear takes this concept and alters it just slightly to fit in with proper classification. For Karabear, a prefix is added to a universe's "proper" name, to delineate it. Now, all DC universes begin with DC, as well as requisite indicators of its place as Pre-Crisis (PrC), Post-Crisis (PrC) or otherwise delineated. Marvel gets a similar treatment with an MC prefix, but less need for additional clarification. As such, KC is the prefix for Karabear Comics.

Karabear alternate universes[edit | edit source]

Here is where one should go to find out what alternate universes have been confirmed for Karabear, and their properties.

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